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First Nations Band Office

Providing Community Service and Other Activities

At ELSIPOGTOG BAND OFFICE, we want to strengthen our neighbourhood by making sure that everyone has access to their basic needs. Our First Nations Band Office conducts community service programs for the benefit of the residents in our locality. We provide quality housing, social, and educational assistance.

Providing Band Office Programs and Initiatives

We are a band office that aims to provide learning and decent living opportunities for our fellow citizens. Our leaders believe that simple events enable residents to have a deeper bond and relationship with each other. With all of our contributions and consistent participation, we can certainly build a better community, one charitable program at a time.

Learn About Our Band Office Departments

Support our First Nations Band Office. ELSIPOGTOG BAND OFFICE has various community service initiatives for the members of our group. Our band office departments aim to provide aid and remarkable services that are tailored to fit our fellow citizens' needs. For more information about our activities, give us a call.


Phone: (506) 523-8200
Fax: (506) 523-1589